High School
on Your Terms

Hybrid High School for the modern teenager. Coming to Dallas-Forth Worth.

Must be at least 13 years old to enroll.

Take Back Your Education

Earn a High School diploma on your terms.

Daily Live Instruction

Livestreamed learning sessions with the world's best teachers.

On-demand Tutoring

Video chat with subject experts.

Graded Feedback

Constructive feedback on all of your submitted work.

When you educate someone you teach them how to use language to arm them; straighten them out; organize them; elevate them and you ennoble them and then they're not misshapen half-carved blocks of humanity. People that can stand up; stand around and maneuver through the world; contribute properly to the community and keep the world-oriented between chaos and order.

Dr. Jordan Peterson

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there live instruction?

Yes, students receive daily live instruction via the Dexter live streaming system.

Are online live instruction sessions interactive?

Yes, there's a live chat and interactive quiz questions.

Are their additional textbooks or supplies we must buy?

Yes. A supply list is provided before the term begins and typically costs ~$200 per term.

Does Dexter offer AP courses?

Yes, we currently offer AP in US History, Computer Science A, Language and Composition, Physics, and Microeconomics.

When does this campus open?

Dexter DWF Hybrid High is coming Fall 2022.

Reserve Your Spot

You must begin Fall 2022 at the freshman grade level.

Dexter High

Reservation fee to reserve a Fall 2022 membership.


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